Know More About The vivo S1 Pro – A Unique Diamond Shaped Camera

Vivo S1 Pro is an impressive smartphone by all means. The phone features a brand new front-facing eight mega pixel camera sensor, a laser beam for image capturing, and dual tone LCD screen. All the usual features are available, though the one truly unique feature is that the handset has a 1.2 Mega pixels rear-eye camera along with an f/2.2 lens for video recording purposes. This is one of the first handsets to include dual cameras. The OVA Pro also offers a built-in voice recorder along with voice activation, although it is unable to play back audio while the phone is locked.

Vivo S1 Pro has all the basic features that you would expect from a smartphone: text messaging, email, gaming support, Bluetooth, the Web browser, and fast charging technology. However, what makes the handset stand out is that it also comes equipped with OVA Plus, which enables the phone to be compatible with the Windows Mobile OS. The phone also features an interesting self-defense mechanism called Project Zero. It utilizes the device’s GPS facility to detect any nearby intruders. After detecting the signal, it dials the security center and the operator is ready to take the user into custody.

The innovative self defense feature in the vivo s1 pro is an improvement over previous smartphone security measures. The phone features an advanced dual camera system called OPEED (Optical Pattern Elimination of Eraser Effects) technology. OPEED uses the vivo s1 pro  front and rear camera to eliminate unwanted patterns from the scene, thus preventing unwanted intrusions. The technology uses digital filters to eliminate any unwanted objects from the captured scene. The rear camera also has an adjustable aperture which allows users to control the amount of blur.

The vivo s1 pro also features an optical zoom lens. This offers a larger viewing area than the standard lens and offers better image quality. This is made possible by the secondary lens of the smartphone. When you move your finger to the screen, the camera focuses automatically on your finger. The optical zoom is only available when the primary camera is used. The secondary lens of this handset has no optical zoom facility.

The vivo s1 pro has four modes – normal, video, picture and anti-artwork. You can switch between these modes easily using a tap on the home key. The camera has a total of 16 mpixi pixel resolution. There are also no delay effects and no noise reduction, which can come in handy when shooting moving objects. The anti-artwork mode has a lower maximum limit while enabling faster motion detection.

In our mind, the vivo s1 pro is one of the best smartphone camera phones currently available. It comes with high-end features including high-speed cellular connectivity, professional grade camera mechanism, and a unique diamond shaped camera lens. The cost of the smartphone is quite affordable as it costs just $400. In addition to all this, the battery life of this phone surpasses that of any other smartphone model currently available in the market.